Charred Octopus: Terrior Kitchen, North Vancouver

The Tender Octopus That Will Convert Anyone to a Seafood Lover!

Nestled in Ambleside in West Vancouver, you’ll find the intimate, warm, and inviting tapas restaurant, Terroir Kitchen. Terroir, which translates to “soil,” focuses on locally sourced farm-fresh, organic ingredients…. Continue Reading

Pork Carnitas: Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen, Surrey

The Pork Carnitas To Share Over Laughs And Conversations

The skill of the chef was obvious in Hugo’s Pork Carnitas. These tacos had no doubt been perfected by standing at a counter making hundreds at a time. The tender shredded pork is piled high on the soft corn shells, while trays of salsas wait patiently on the side!

As far as tacos go, Hugo’s were heavy to lift, packed to the brim with delicious, savoury toppings. Continue Reading…

Lamb Shank: Lupo, Yaletown, Vancouver

The Lamb Shank That’s a Fall-Off-The-Bone Masterpiece

The first time I ate at Lupo, it was a transcendent experience for me. Superior ingredients, elegant plating, and a delicate finesse are par for the course at this signature downtown restaurant. Continue Reading…

Truffle Fettuccine: Lupo, Yaletown, Vancouver

You’ve Never Smelled Anything as Amazing as Lupo’s Truffle Fettuccine!

Tucked in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, surrounded by noisy crowds, lanes of traffic, and skyscrapers, sits an unexpected heritage property. This turn-of-the-century Victorian home is where Lupo Restaurant runs. Continue Reading…

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