My name is Rachel Galvin. I’m a Marketing and Public Relations professional who currently lives, works, and plays in Vancouver, Canada. I moved here from the East Coast. I grew up on the rocky ocean shores of the Maritimes, and I love exploring all of the new ingredients the West Coast has to offer.

I’ve always had a passion for the culinary world. I love everything about the process of cooking, from hitting up the local farmer’s market for the freshest vibrant vegetables to carving and searing off beautiful cuts of chicken or beef. As a Maritimer, I also have an unwavering love for seafood. I will use fresh briny lobsters, sweet snow crab, or jumbo Digby scallops in my recipes any chance I get.

I’m branching out on my culinary journey and attempting to expand my skills and teach myself new techniques. I’m by no means an expert with food. But I’m excited and eager to learn and improve!

This blog features some of my favourite recipes and discusses any lessons I may have learned while practicing them.

I always welcome feedback and suggestions on how I can keep improving! Thanks for checking in,

Warmest Regards,
Rachel Galvin